Preparing a grill may sound easy, but if you don’t rely on a good grill, chances are your meat will not be as juicy and tasty as you would like. A good gas grill can help you achieve the perfect steak without having to light a fire and without the smoke that could alter the meat’s taste. With a wide range of features, these three gas grills can help you become a grill master and offer your family a delicious Sunday barbecue.

Broil King Baron 440 Gas Grill

This grill is a mid-size model with 4 burners and a side burner that offer you a generous grilling surface. The grill head is made of porcelain coated steel with double wall stainless steel hood that keeps the heat inside when you close it. The 4 burners are patented Dual tube burners that produce even heat and create a total of 40,000 BTU while the side burner brings an additional 10,000 BTU to complete your grilling experience. The grates are made of coated cast iron so nothing sticks to them and the deep firebox is covered with Flav-R-Wave heat tents that eliminate flare ups and prevents drippings. Due to the deep cooking box and the high hood, the grill enhances roasting and makes grilling very comfortable as you can roast even a large turkey.

Weber Spirit E-310 Gas Grill

Although it’s the least expensive model from Weber, this gas grill offers an incredible performance and turns any grill into a work of art. The hood is made of light porcelain-enameled steel and the work surface is made of stainless steel with cast aluminum end caps. The 3 stainless steel burners offer 32,000 BTU over a large 424 sq. in. cooking area and a 105 sq. in. warming rack to keep your food nice and warm. In the previous gas models, the burners were connected from side to side, which didn’t allow for maximum control. The innovation of this gas grill are the burners that connect from front to bottom with control knobs placed on the front panel. This way, you receive more space on the side shelf and a better performance during indirect cooking.

Napoleon Legend LA300 Gas Grill

This is a mid-size gas grill that will develop all your grilling skills and will turn you into a real grill master. It offers 3 burners with an output of 13,500 BTU each and an additional 13,500 BTU ceramic infrared back burner that can accommodate a rotisserie kit. The stainless steel cook box provides plenty of room for grilling and the Jetfire ignition on each control knob has the grill running in seconds. The two side shelves let you store your condiment and your dishes and there is also a slide out drip pan that collects the drippings and is easy to handle.