Single men have to learn to get through the daily household chores as easy and effective as women. But, let’s face it, men are not as patient, dedicated, and skilled as women are and it can sometimes be hard for them to perform every chore around the house. This is why they have to discover the most effective appliances that can help them keep their home clean and neat and they must create an organized schedule that will keep everything in order.

Make a list

First of all, men have to create a cleaning and stick to it in order to have every chore done properly. Although it seems childish, a notebook will help you keep a track of what you have to do so you will not miss a thing. Make a list of the chores you have to do around the house and set a proper schedule that will fit your other activities. Set a day for laundry, one for cleaning the bathrooms, one for vacuuming and dusting, and one fro mowing the lawn. Small chores can be completed in a single day so you won’t overcrowd your schedule.It’s very important to determine what needs to be done daily and what can wait for a week so you don’t let the mess build up nor you lose time with useless chores. For example, the beds must be made daily, so your bedroom will look nice and clean, the clothes must be folded and put away before they turn into a pile and the table must be cleared after each meal. Other chores like vacuuming, washing the toilet, cleaning the refrigerator and oven, or mopping the floors can be performed once a week.

Make good use of your appliances

Thanks to all the advanced technology used in manufacturing today’s appliances, you won’t have to worry about getting the help you need as a single man. However, it’s important that you know what you need at home and that you make the best use of your helpful devices.

  • The washing machine and the clothes dryer must not miss from your laundry room because they will make your job ten times easier. When the machine finishes a load of clothes, you simply put them in the dryer and you will have them dried and ready to wear without spreading wet clothes around the house fro drying.
  • Washing the dishes is not hard, but it’s time-consuming and annoying, so make sure you also get a dishwasher that will take care of your dirty dishes. As a single man, you will not need a large unit and you should look for one that allows you a half load of dishes so you won’t have to wait to gather enough dishes for a full load.
  • Vacuuming can become a child’s play if you get a robot vacuum that will clean your floors fast and easy and even without you having to handle it. You can use it while you are at work and you will come home to a clean house.