Nowadays, lots of people suffer from different types of allergies, which can create a huge discomfort in their lives. Are men more prone to allergies than women? Some say yes and some say no. In case you are wondering the same thing, you should read this article, and after doing so, you can draw your own conclusion.

Let’s start with the childhood

Some recent studies show that during the childhood, a lot more boys suffer from asthma, food allergies or rhinitis that girls. Specialists say that this happens due to the fact that most boys tend to be more sensitive than girls, and they do not have a very strong immune system that can fight against these allergies. Specialists also say that a high percentage of married couples have a baby boy for the first time rather than a baby girl, and due to this fact, the baby boy is over protected and therefore, he becomes a sensitive child. However, a good recommendation would be to stop over protecting your baby, and leave him to interact with bacteria and microbes. By doing so, his immune system will be a lot stronger and it will be able to fight with success against allergies and diseases as well.

What happens when you become an adult?

Allergies can definitely make you feel uncomfortable and can make you interrupt some of your important activities. Furthermore, they can stop you from doing lots of physical activities, which is extremely bad. If not treated, they can cause you serious health problems. When you become an adult, things are not the same as they are when you are a child. Others studies show that a lot more women suffer from allergies than men, in their adulthood. The role definitely changes, and this happens due to the genetic differences between the sexes, according to the latest research in this area. If you are wondering if men are more prone to allergies than women, then the answer is quite simple. They are more prone to allergies than women, but only in their childhood. Once they get older, they tend to have a stronger immune system than women, and therefore, they will certainly be less prone to many types of allergies than women. However, allergies should seriously be treated, in order to stop them from affecting your health and your lifestyle, and fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of options to achieve this with ease. Air purifiers and robot vacuum cleaners can easily and efficiently help you have a clean and fresh indoor air which will be very easy to breathe and it will improve your health condition.