Men are familiar with the struggle of shaving and they have to deal with it almost daily, which requires mastering some tips that make it easier and more comfortable. These genius tips will help even men with the most sensitive skin achieve a perfect shave that will leave their skin smooth and clean.

  • If you are planning to shave, it’s best that you take a hot shower or bath before shaving so you will soak and soften the thick beard hair. Hot water will soften your hair and will make shaving a lot easier and gentler for your skin.
  • During the shower, prepare your face for shaving with gentle massage movements that will soften your hair and will open your pores. It’s also good to use an exfoliating cream that will clean your pores and will make the hair stand up. If you have ingrown hairs, they will come out of your skin and shaving will be more effective.
  • Another pre-shaving tip is to lubricate your skin with a delicate oil that will cover the hair and will make it easier for the blade to cut it. Although you might think that oil on your skin will result in nicks, you will actually reduce the cuts and rashes on your skin if you keep it moisturized.
  • Although many men prefer the razor for its close cut, the electric shaver is more efficient because it uses multiple blades that cut the hair close to the skin without the risk of cuts. For sensitive skin that is prone to irritations, a rotary shaver is the perfect asset that will deliver a smooth and fine shaving. If you have thick beard, the foil electric shaver will handle it perfectly and you will achieve a perfect shave. If you are thinking about getting one, you should firstly do some research and see which product would best suit your skin.
  • It’s best that, the first time you cut your beard, you cut the hair the direction it grows and not against it, otherwise, you will hurt your skin. Also, pull the skin tight where you place the shaver so it will stay smooth and stretched while shaving. This prevents painful nicks on your skin. If you are using an electric shaver, things are much easier and you can simply slide the shaver over the skin with only one hand.
  • The electric shaver can be used under water so you can enjoy a perfect shave while showering. This will ensure the skin stays hydrated and that the shaver’s head doesn’t get clogged with the hair it cuts.