It may come as a shock for a lot of you, but man flu is real, men having a much worse response to the flu than women. Therefore, the next time you have the flu and your wife or girlfriend is telling you that you’re overreacting, show her this article to make her better understand the condition that you’re in. If you have fallen victim yourself to this dreaded disease, or if you want to know what you have to do the next time you catch it, read the following lines to find out how to get over the terrible man flu.

Why does man flu occur?

Men complain a lot more than women do when they have a cold, and this is all due to the fact that they actually suffer from man flu. It has been shown that men suffer a lot more than women do when they get a cold, all of this being caused by the fact that they have high levels of testosterone, weakening their immune response. When a test was done, vaccinating men and women against the flu, the women’s bodies responded positively to the vaccines, being better protected against the virus, while men, due to their high testosterone levels, didn’t have the same fate as the opposite gender.

How to cure man flu

Instead of numbing your liver due to filling your body with pills when you get your health shaken by man flu, you should rather call in sick at work to not infect others, and sit in bed under a thick, warm blanket while drinking tea for 3-4 days. It might not seem like much but after all, man flu is still normal flu, being easy to treat this horrid affliction if you stay inside and you take care of yourself until you get yourself safely back on your feet.

What changes have to be made around the house to protect yourself from it?

Colds tend to overwhelm us when winter comes, the temperatures dropping and the air becoming very dry. Therefore, to stay protected against man flu, you have to ensure that the temperature is warm inside your house with the help of a space heater, and that the levels of humidity in the air are between normal parameters with the help of a humidifier.

The best space heater that you can use to provide with the perfect temperature is the Lifesmart Corp Lifelux Series infrared heater, ensuring that you have an adequate environment when you’re at home to stay away from the nasty man flu by using it. This highly efficient infrared heater costs only $280, it can easily heat up a large room, therefore it’s ideal for use no matter where you intend to place it in the house, it comes with a digital thermostat and a remote control for convenience in use, it has a useful 12 hours start and stop timer, and you have 3 heat settings to choose from with it, including the energy efficient Eco setting.

The humidifier that we advise you to use to provide with appropriate levels of humidity in your home is the Honeywell QuietCare cool-mist humidifier, costing only $120 to buy this useful household appliance. It’s extremely energy efficient, consuming less than an 80W light bulb, it’s extremely quiet as opposed to most models on the market, this unit producing a maximum of 55 dB, it comes with a useful automatic shutoff feature, and you can adjust the humidity level as you see it fit, the best percentage at which you should keep the humidity to stay away from man flu being between 30%-50%.