Wearing a wrinkled suit doesn’t make you look professional and neat and it’s something you will want to avoid at all costs. Therefore, it’s essential that you learn how to iron a suit even if it’s something you haven’t done before. The directions in this article will teach any man to iron a suit to perfection so they will always make a good impression, so we advise you to pay attention when you read the following article.

    • First of all, gather all you need for the ironing, starting with an ironing board that will allow you to put pressure on the fabrics, a damp cloth that will make the suit easier to iron, a regular iron, and clothes steamer. The clothes steamer is easier to handle because the powerful steam penetrates the fabrics without much effort from you and will make sure no new wrinkles will appear on the suit while you handle it. You will also need a hanger that will keep the suit in place and will allow you to use both hands.
    • Before you start ironing, read the suit’s label to see its specifications regarding ironing. If the fabric the suit is made of is more fragile or if it contains synthetic fabrics, it’s best that you don’t use the regular iron at all. This is why the clothes steamer has a great advantage over the iron, as you can steam any type of fabric without the risk of damaging it.
    • Use the iron on the areas that require more pressure because the hard sole of the iron will manage to remove more wrinkles, especially of you press against the ironing board. Suits require more pressing that rubbing the iron because this way you will not make the fabrics look shiny. If your iron has a steam function, use it the whole time you iron the suit because it will make the fabrics easier to handle. If the iron doesn’t have a steam function, use the damp cloth to add moisture to the suit.
    • Gently turn the suit from one side to another so you will reach every wrinkled area. If you are using a clothes steamer on the entire suit, things are much easier. Put the suit in the hanger and press the steamer onto the fabric so it penetrates it in depth. You will not risk creating new wrinkles as the steam allows the fabric to stay loose. For the pants, use the crease attachment that will put an elegant crease on the edge of your pants.