When you are married, you can share almost anything with your partner because you trust them the most, but when it comes to splitting house chores, things might become trickier. To avoid having an argument or fight on who should clean the house or wash the dishes, we’ve put together some useful pieces of advice for splitting house chores equally, so that no one will mind doing some cleaning around the house.

Washing the dishes

Although this is considered to be one of the most boring house chore, some people actually enjoy washing dishes because it helps them relax and forget about the stressful events that happened during the day. If you are one of those people, you can talk with your partner to let you wash dishes in the evening or after each meal, depending on your preference. If none enjoys doing this task, you can arrange to wash dishes for one day or two and then pass this task to your partner. For best results, consider investing in a dishwasher to help you clean dishes in a fast and efficient manner. Your partner can arrange dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on while you can remove the dishes after they are done cleaning and drying.

Mowing the lawn

For a woman, mowing the lawn was very difficult back in the days, but nowadays there are some efficient devices that can help someone who is not very strong to mow a lawn with ease. By investing in a high quality self propelled lawn mower, anyone can take care of this task by themselves, without asking for their partner’s help. However, if you still find it difficult to maneuver a heavy device like the lawn mower, you can pass this task to your spouse or you can take turns in the weekends.

Cleaning the pool

When it comes to cleaning the pool, you must use a couple of efficient tools, and the robotic pool cleaner is one of them. This useful device is easy to use and maneuver and the best part about it is that it simply does all your job. So, if you don’t have a robotic cleaner by now, consider investing in one because it’s extremely useful. When you are not using the robotic cleaner, you can use a manual cleaner to remove debris from the pool. This may take a lot of time, so make sure to take turns with your partner. One of you can clean the pool twice a month, while the other can clean the pool for the rest of the month.