Although it looks more simple, men’s fashion has many hidden details that can make the difference between a well-dressed man and one who doesn’t know how to choose his clothes. To help you achieve stylish and classy outfits, we have selected some of the most important style rules that every man must live by.

Put effort in your outfit

Every time you leave your home, you must look like you really care about how you look and that you didn’t simply take some clothes from the closet and put them on. A man must look neat and must be very careful what he puts on in order to make a good impression. Every outfit must be analyzed in advance to make sure everything matches and creates an even appearance.

Attitude is everything

Another important style detail is the attitude a man shows and it can make a difference between a bad and a good outfit. Regardless the brand of the clothes he is wearing, a man must have the right attitude that will make him look strong and confident.

Shop for timeless clothes

A man’s wardrobe must include timeless pieces that will stay stylish for many years. Although trends change and fashion brings forward new items with every season, there are pieces of clothing that will always be in style. This is the main aspect that men must keep in mind when they choose their clothes, to opt for timeless pieces that their grandchildren would proudly wear.

Invest in quality

Although the brand is not everything, quality is essential when it comes to style, especially for men who must treat their clothes as a precious investment. Men who work in high-class environments must always wear impeccable suits, but those who don’t must not settle for low-quality items. However, their needs are different, but the need for quality is the same in both cases.

Follow the rules

Some items are made for special occasions and for particular clothes, such as the vest or the fedora hat. Wearing one in an inappropriate moment will not make you feel like a fashion innovator, but more like someone who doesn’t understand fashion and its rules. It’s always best to play it safe rather than being eccentric because people have different perceptions about fashion and your bold actions might be mistaken for a lack of style.

Know your size

An outfit that fits you will always look classy and neat, so make sure you wear clothes that are your size. This goes for jeans and t-shirt as it goes for suit and tie, which means you must always pay attention to the size of your clothes regardless the occasion you are attending. Even if you are wearing and expensive suit, if it looks tight or loose on you, the overall image will not be pleasant.