Seeing how modern men are as preoccupied as women about their look, and they are more fashion savvy than ever these days, they are all interested in the image that they reflect to others when they go out of the house. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing what your fashion style says about your personality, read the following lines and you’ll find out.


The athleisure fashion style is adopted by a lot of men, especially the young ones, mainly due to the fact that it’s incredibly comfortable. This cutting-edge style combines perfectly the very comfortable gym clothes with casual wear, creating a unique and simple look.
When wearing athleisure clothes, the main impression that you leave to others is that you’re a very relaxed person who likes to be comfortable at all times, revealing a pleasant and playful personality, therefore this fashion style is one that will make you seem a nice person to be around, and a person who doesn’t exaggerate when it comes to fashion.


A fashion style that seemed dead for a long time is denim, but it’s back and it has a lot of followers. This fashion style is a classic, and what it says about your personality is that you’re daring, nice, and you’re not the one to judge others on their fashion choices.
It’s a great look which gives that James Dean vibe that all women fall for, being the ideal choice if you want to be a heart breaker among the ladies.


The office look is a fashion style that men usually adopt when they go to work, making them look professional and serious, but there are many men who don’t go out of the house without putting a suit on or at least rocking the more casual office look that can be put together by wearing dark colored jeans, stylish shoes, and a classy shirt.
What the office fashion style says about your personality is that you’re a man who is confident in the way he looks, that you’re stylish and preoccupied with your image, and that you are a neat person who can’t stand ever having a messy and unpleasant look.


The casual fashion style is at the same time the most simple and the most complex style of them all, being many varieties of casual wear that you can try. Mainly, a casual outfit is based on a pair of comfy jeans, a shirt, and a pair of the comfortable snickers. This simple and appealing fashion style says that you’re not the type of man who would lose more hours in the mirror than his girlfriend, that you don’t come with complications, and that you’re relaxed and confident about the way you look.