Most of us look forward to go on a road trip because it can be very fun driving into unknown places and see breathtaking landscapes directly from your car. However, driving for long hours can get exhausting at some point and in addition to that, it’s not at all beneficial for your health to stay seated for so long or stay focused at all times. According to the latest gadget news, the auto accessory manufactures have created all sorts of gadgets and accessories that can help you while you are on the go.

Radar detector

Staying alert and focused while driving is crucial, especially when there are passengers in the care because you are implicitly responsible for them When driving for long hours, it’s hard sometimes to keep the speed within normal limits, that’s why having a radar detector around can help you be more conscious when driving. A good radar detector like the Escort Passport Max 2 can emit an audible sound whenever it detects a speed trap or other obstacles, so that you know it’s time to slow down in order to avoid accidents or getting a speeding ticket for passing the speed limit.

Digital media stereo

In the latest car gadget news, there have been numerous reviews of various car sound systems, but choosing a single one can be quite difficult. If you enjoy listening to music while driving, you will want to get an effective digital media stereo. The Pioneer’s MVH-X370BT is a versatile digital media stereo that includes several convenient features. Not only it comes with Bluetooth but it also features a USB port that allows you to upload music from your laptop or computer to your stereo. The fact that it works with Siri for iPhone users is a a useful feature because it allows you to send quick commands and play specific songs without taking the hands from the wheels.

Memory foam pillow

As you probably already know, it’s not recommended to stay seated behind the wheel for more than 1-2 hours because you can end up neck and back pains. To prevent this from happening get a neck pillow, like this one from TravelMate. We like that this pillow is made of memory foam which perfectly mold to the contour of your neck, so you will feel comfortable at all times. Besides, the memory foam pillow retains heat so you can sooth your sore muscles and neck pains.

Wet/Dry vacuum

No one likes a messy car, not even you or your passengers so you should take some time to clean the interior of your car whenever you can. A wet/dry vacuum like the ArmorAll’s vacuum is a great choice because you can just plug it in and use straight away. Use it to remove bread crumbs or dust from the seats and mats inside of your car.