Installing a home security camera might seem difficult if you are not used to these things, but if you follow some simple instruction, you will soon be able to monitor your home using your new surveillance system. If you are not familiar with the technology, here are some simple steps to installing a home security camera.

  • It’s not convenient to monitor every corner of your house, so you should decide which are the areas that require surveillance. Analyze the weak spots of your house and determine where you need to install the cameras so you will know the number of cameras you will need. You may want to put a camera on the front and back doors, in driveways, around the stairways, and in large rooms. When you are done, make sure you can easily install the cameras so nothing gets in their way.
  • Your cameras will also require a DVR that receives the video and displays them on a monitor, be it a computer screen or a TV. The DVR differ in storage capacity and they basically use an internet signal or blank tapes to record. Although most security cameras include a DVR, it’s possible that your system doesn’t include one and you will have to purchase it separately.
  • When choosing where to install the camera, look for a high angle where the camera has a clear view over a wide area, usually the corner where the walls and the ceiling meet. Make sure you have a power outlet nearby and that you can clearly see all the doors. For outdoor installation, place the camera very high so it will be hard to knock it down. Most cameras come with a mounting bracket that makes it easy for you to place them on the wall. You will need some screws and an electric screwdriver that can drill holes into the wall.
  • Once the camera is installed, plug it in using the power adapter that fits any regular power socket. Next, you will have to attach the camera to the DVR and you can do that using the BNC cable that came in the box. This cable has two identical sides that need to be plugged into the camera’s Output and the DVR’s Input.
  • Wireless cameras need to be connected to a computer using the software disk that needs to be installed for you to be able to watch your footage. Once you insert the installation disk, you will have to follow the instructions displayed on the screen. Some cameras come with a USB port that has to be connected to your computer so they will transmit the data. With the IP address of your camera, you will be able to watch the recorded images remotely using a web browser.