If you own an expensive sports car, you should be very careful how you keep it in the garage because it can easily become a target for burglars. It’s very important that you take all the necessary safety precautions that will guarantee the car will be kept away from intruders and no effort should be spared if you want to increase the security of your home. To help you discover if your sports car is kept safe enough in the garage, here are some safety measures that you should have at home.

Prepare it for the winter

It’s likely that you own two cars if you own a sports car because it’s not a car that you can drive in the cold days of winter, which means you will have to keep it in the garage for the winter. In this case, it’s best that you take care of maintenance issues like oil and filter changes so it will run perfectly in the spring. At your regular car service, they will advise you what to do in order to keep the car safe throughout winter so nothing bad will happen to the engine.

Install a garage door opener

A sports car is an investment and you will want it to be completely safe in the garage, away from any risk of accident or burglary. Although the garage is closed and covered, chances are you sometimes forget to close the door when you leave home or at night, which can be the perfect opportunity for intruders to get inside your garage. The nest way to avoid these dangerous situations is to install a garage door opener that will make sure the garage door is closed after you leave and the sports car remains in the garage. The latest versions of garage door openers come with rolling code technology, motion lights, and timer-to-close features so there is no risk of leaving the door open.

Consider installing security cameras

Aside from the garage door opener, your home should also have a security camera installed that will offer you a clear view inside the garage and outside from it. Install a security camera that will face the garage door and have one inside if you want to keep an eye on your sports car and opt for one with a motion sensor that will activate the footage every time it senses motion. A night vision feature will also be useful for night surveillance so you will keep your sports car safe in the garage at all times.